The Western Regional Minister Hon. Kwabena Okyere Mensah during his interaction with staff of the Prestea Huni- Valley Municip0ality said it was his aim that the western region turns into a model region of Ghana in the pole s of the country. To achieve this he said, they were going to use three Pillars such as Entrepreneurial governance system that ensures Chiefs, private sector, civil society organizations, and NGOs are brought together to provide the quality of service that will make them jell together. Hence he added that the kind of service provided at the assembly should be prompt and timely to help the private sector to succeed since the private sector was the engine of growth in the country.

Again, he added that there should be an Enterprise Western Region Agenda. In this case, he said the assembly has to own and operate the productive asset of the Western Region. This means that the assembly needs to make industrialization the key in all their activities. That is the assembly must support the governments’ priority projects like the Planting for Food and Jobs, The Planting for Export and Rural Development and Rearing for Food and Jobs.

Finally, he urged them to promote the local economy development by building a win-win relationship with the business operating in the municipality. If the business community grows and it is making a profit and expanding, the assembly can increase their business operating permit thereby increasing revenue for the assembly, he added. He urged the assembly to arrange with the mining companies so that they give the contract to the business operating in the municipality for them to also grow. He urged the staff to respect their customers. 

The municipal chief executive took the opportunity to welcome the minister into his municipality and he mentioned some of the developmental projects being carried out in the municipality. He added that the assembly receives its fair share of the government cake however it was faced with some challenges such as poor road network inadequate educational system and water problem as the water in the municipality contains iron and magnesium. This he said cost the municipality a lot before they could treat water.

The Regional chief Director Mr. Michael Atta Ogi said the fact that officers have been posted here does not mean that they were better than others. He urged them to work together as government machinery in other to bring out their best. He said they should be able to deliver even in the presence of challenges. Admonished them to work strategically and make necessary recommendations to the Municipal chief executive and to follow his instructions.

 An opportunity was given to staff to ask questions that were bothering them. Among the questions included limited environmental health staff, the need to support the assembly with facilities for maintaining the environment.


Source: Matilda Ansah ( ISD)

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