Tourism Minister Presents gifts to over 400 widows


The Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture   Lawyer Barbara Oteng- Gyasi who doubles up as the Member of Parliament for the Prestea Huni-Vally constituency has presented gifts to Over 400 widows in the Prestea Huni-Vally Municipality. These widows were drawn from Kofidjan, Samahu and Awodua electoral areas.

She dined and distributed half piece of cloth to each widow. She also ensured that widows with expired health insurance cards were renewed and they were educated and screened for high blood pressure and aging-related diseases.

Addressing the gathering, Hon. Barbara said women play a vital role in nation building as they are the primary care takers of children and elders in Society.

She admonished them that they were not inferior to men since they were capable of sharing all the responsibilities of life. women should be rightly compared to the wheels of the same carriage and accorded an equal position in our society, she added. She, therefore, urged all to realize the importance of women and grant them a very dignified position equal to men as the main responsibility of women is to preserve the human race.

Mrs. Oteng-Gyasi pleaded with mothers to recognize their unique positions and bring up their children with extreme care as the progress of the nation depends on the way mothers bring up their children to become a future with a positive attitude towards work. She then went ahead to mention some projects and social intervention policies she has undertaken to improve the well-being of women in her constituency. These included the installation of incubator and expansion of the children’s ward at the Prestea government hospital, free health screening, free registration and renewal of health insurance cards and the introduction of the Obaapa Micro Loan Scheme which seeks to extend small loans and other basic financial assistance to women who do not have access to capital.

The MCE for the area Mr. Mozart Kweku Owuh and the constituency executives of the NPP applauded the MP for continuously pursuing the interest of the vulnerable to improve their wellbeing through various forms of assistance.

The Queen mother of Takunanso, Nana Botwe I also lauded the MP for her kind gesture. She urged women to instill discipline in the upbringing of their children. All the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to the MP for her love for women especially widows and further assured the MP of their votes in the upcoming 2020 parliamentary elections.


Source: Matilda Ansah ( ISD)

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