The Municipal Chief Executive of the Prestea Huni-Valley Municipality Mr. Mozart K. Owuh has hinted that the Municipality will soon institute an Annual Municipal Teachers Award for hardworking teachers. This is to motivate Teachers within the Municipality to put up their best. He said this when he was addressing Teachers ( Community Teachers, National Services Personnel, NABCO Personnel, and Untrained Teachers) during the second phase of the Standard Based Curriculum workshop organized by the Prestea Huni-Valley Municipal Education Directorate. He added that the education standards have been improving since his inception in office and the Municipality’s commitment to education if not the best will be one of the best within the Region. This he attributed it to the collaboration between the Education Directorate and the Assembly.

Mr. Owuh encouraged the teachers to further their studies in order to improve in life and to also improve their level of delivery in the classroom.  The MCE added that teaching is a noble profession and if done well, the teacher could be among the richest people in their community. He also encouraged them to be innovative by engaging in other trade after work. He urged them to desist from immoral acts like alcoholism and fornication so as to demonstrate an exemplary life to their pupils and the communities.

The MCE said the success of the new curriculum depends on teachers hence the need for the training. With the improvement in technology, the children also need to adapt to such improvement and to also become patriotic citizens hence the need for the change of curriculum, He said. He pleaded with them to take whatever they are being taught seriously so as to impart the right knowledge to their pupils.

The Municipal Director of Education Madam Mary Vida Kwofie on her part welcomed the teachers and encouraged them to take the workshop seriously. She also urged them to ask questions and seek clarification where necessary. She added that the new curriculum will help the children have continuous education and expose them to the field of work. She finally said the standard-based curriculum workshop will also promote lifelong learning to develop the potential of the children.

Source: Matilda Ansah (ISD)

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