The Prestea Huni-Valley Municipal Assembly has distributed 150,000 Cocoa Seedlings to 600 farmers in the Municipality.

The distribution was done by MCE and the Agric-Directorate to foster the government initiative of Planting for Export and Rural Development.

In view of this, 581 farmers in the municipality registered under the Cocoa Seedlings Distribution initiative which was introduced by the assembly to support the farmers in the municipality.

Unveiling the seedlings to the farmers, the Prestea Huni-Valley Municipal Chief Executive, Mozart Owuh, noted that, out of the 581 registrants, 132 were females farmers whiles the remaining were males.

Also, the MCE stated that 366,630 seedlings have been registered and ready to be distributed to the farmers to be planted in their respective farms.

According to him, the distribution of the Cocoa seedlings will be distributed in batches so that, there will be no pressure on the distributors and also safeguard fairness and easy distribution whereby every farmer will be given 450 seedlings each.

The MCE, however, urged the farmers to involve themselves in every government initiative which the assembly will familiarize in order to benefits from the national cake.

Again, Mozart Owuh assured that every farmer who has been registered will definitely get some of the seedlings for their farms.

Meanwhile, the MCE said, since the government is of the view of constructing five (5) factories which will be processing coconut in the western region, the assembly is going to nurse and distribute enough coconut seedlings to the farmers in the municipality next year.

According to him, coconut is of more benefit as far as a cash crop is a concern.

On his part, the municipal Agriculture Director, Gabriel Adjargo told the farmers who benefited from the Cocoa Seedlings Distribution to take care and plant them well arranged in order to pave the way through them for easy inspection by the Extension Officers.

On behave of the farmers, John Ansah thanked the MCE and the entire assembly for the assistance rendering to the farmers and encourage his colleagues to take excessive care of the seedlings so that their hard labor will not be in vain and also enjoy the fruit of their labor.

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