The Ghana Education Service of the Prestea Huni-Valley Municipality has held training for Seven Hundred (700) Private teachers from the various private schools within the Municipality.

The one-week training which was held at the St. Augustine’s Senior High School saw lots of Crèche, Kindergarten, and Nursery 1 to Primary 6 teachers from different private schools.

In an interview with the Chairman of Ghana National Association of Private Schools, Mr. Jacob Assopiah said, the motive by the government to change the curriculum of the primary schools is a good policy. He noted that, previously, the curriculum was centered on the teacher only which was teaching and learning, meaning it is only the teacher who does the teaching and the children also do the listening and learning whereby the new curriculum is Learning and Teaching; the children Learn and also teaches.

He added that the new curriculum is more effective than the old one because it has a good way of sitting arrangement, the children are grouped and sit on a round table which enhances effective learning and teaching.

Mr. Assopiah commended the government for introducing such policy into the country’s education system and also urged the education directorate to find a good way of implementing the policy effectively in order to become successful.

He also said any teacher who took part in the training exercise will be awarded a certificate signifying that the teacher has gone through training which will enable him or her to teach.

According to him, any teacher who does not go through this training regarding the new curriculum cannot teach at all. He, therefore, entreat all schools to forget about the cost involved but rather the positive impact it may have on the children and partake in the training since the education directorate has assured to conduct another training for those who couldn’t participate in the current training.

He sited that, some of the schools paid no attention to the exercise not that they did not hear the information but rather feel reluctant and also considered it to be expensive exercise because each school is supposed to pay an amount of Ghc 250 for ten (10) teachers to represent their school.

Mr. Jacob Assopiah stated that a teacher who has gone through the training cannot teach or train another teacher due to a lack of resources needed for the training. He also said, 104 private schools took part in the current training exercise.

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