The Electoral Commission of Ghana will open the Voters Register at every polling station for the registrant to check their names from the 10th to17th September 2019.

In regards to this, the Electoral Commission of Ghana in the Prestea Huni-Valley has conducted training for the Exhibition Officials who will be working in the various polling stations in the district. The training which started on Wednesday is expected to end on Monday. It is after this that the exercise will commence

Speaking to us, the Prestea Huni-Valley District Electoral Officer, Joshua Ofori-Prempeh said, the district has been divided into five (5) zones namely; Bogoso, Prestea, Aboso, Kofi-Gyan, and Huni-Valley. He added that there are 217 polling stations in the five (5) zones,

According to him, the commission was previously working with 199 polling stations until recently some of the polling stations were split into A and B bearing the same polling station. He said, after splitting some of the polling stations, 18 polling stations were added to the existing 199 bringing the number to 217 polling stations.

Mr. Ofori-Prempeh stated that the Officials were accessed after taking them through filling of the forms and practical hand works on the equipment.

He, however, urged the official to be professional and work proficiency with the law in order to achieve the aims and objectives for the exercise.

On his part, the Deputy Exhibition Officer of the Electoral Commission, Alfred Bismark Acheampong said, the main motive for the Exhibition of the Voters Register is to give chance to the Voters who want to make any corrections to their names, age, sex, and others are able to do so.

He also said, at the Exhibition Centre, anybody who wants a name to be removed from or add up to the register can also come and do so with concrete evidence.

Mr. Ofori-Prempeh added that there are corrections that are termed as Major corrections, these are corrections that cannot be done at the exhibition center but rather at the Electoral Office whiles, minor corrections can be done at the Exhibition Center.   

He also mentioned 66 people were trained as Exhibition Officers for Bogoso zone who will be working at 10 Electoral Areas.

He also said, another reason for the Exhibition Exercise is paving way for the registrants to check whether their names are on the register or not, whether they are rightfully spelled or not and whether their age is also correct.  

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