My First Day at School

The Municipal Chief Executive of Prestea Huni- Valley Municipal Assembly, Hon. Mozart K. Owuh together with the Municipal Director of Education, Madam Mary Vida Kwofie has visited some schools in Awodua Circuit to access their attendance and to welcome the fresh pupils to the school. The classes visited were the KG1 and class one class.

Items such as the smart work Activity workbook, cups, crayons, exercise books, pencils, and erasers were given to the fresh pupils. The schools visited included Huni Ano Basic School, Awodua Nkwanta Anglican Basic, and Awodua Catholic Basic School, Awodua Methodist Basic School.

The MCE. Hon. Owuh asked teachers to be punctual and to exhibit good morals so that the pupils can emulate them. He also urged them to show compassion to the school children and to report all problems facing the school to the Assembly through the Education Directorate. He urged them not to use contact hours for private business. Finally, he entreated them to go by the new curriculum they have learned to ensure its success.

The Municipal Director for Education on her part encouraged the pupils to be obedient to their teachers and their parents. She also motivated them to enjoy their stay in school so as to be happy always when going to school.

All the children were happy to have the MCE and the director in their midst.

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