As part of Governments’ interventions to the poor and needy in our society, the Prestea Huni-Valley municipal assembly has presented three thousand school uniforms to the education directorate to be distributed to within the deprived schools in the Municipality. Out of the three thousand school uniforms, 1600 were for girls and 1400 for boys. Fifteen (15) boxes of chalk were added to the school uniforms to be distributed to schools with block boards

The Municipal Coordinating Director Mr. Peter Essaim Asante said: “to whom much is given, much is expected.” He appealed to the Education Directorate to ensure that the academic performance of the children was improved with such intervention. He added that the school uniform will help boost their confidence in going to school.

On his part, the Municipal Chief Executive Mr. Mozart K. Owuh iterated that the distribution of the school uniform was part of the President and the Member of Parliaments intervention Programme. He added that it will help solve the problem of uniform deficits in some schools especially those in the rural areas.  He appealed to the directorate to consider the schools in the deprived areas first during the distribution process. He urged them to desist from giving the uniforms out at a fee to the school children. He promised to ensure that all blackboards within the community are turned into whiteboards. The Municipal Director of Education Madam Mary Vida Kwoffie was pleased with the kind gesture from the government. She promised to ensure an improvement in the performance of schools within the Municipality. She added that some school children feel dampened when they are in the midst of their friends with tattered clothes. She assured that the uniforms will get to the assigned school. Finally, she said, It was their desire that every schoolchild gets a uniform in each of the schools.

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