21 person’s with disability receive support from PHMA

Twenty one person’s with disability have been supported by the Prestea Huni-Valley Municipal Assembly. They were made up of four Females and Seventeen males. The items presented to them included six deep freezers, one fridge, four motioned sprayers, four spraying machine, one hair Dryer and five wheel chairs Some also received physical cash.

The Municipal Chief Executive Dr. Isaac Dasmani urged the beneficiaries to work with what they received and to also take good care of it. He added that he doesn’t want to see any physically challenged person begging on the streets. He assured them that he will continue with the training center for person’s with a disability that was started by the predecessor. He also promised them of disbursing the common fund on time and ensuring that all those who have not benefited also get their share.

The chairman of the social services committee Mr. Joseph Ampong was much grateful to the MCE and to the Assembly for the timely disbursement of funds. He also thanked the President for not leaving the disable out. He added that as an assembly member, he is treated fairly. There is no single day that he felt like he was blind due to how his colleagues accept him. He brought to the awareness of the MCE that discussions are far advanced with the opening of a skill development center to train disable to prevent them from begging on the streets.

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