As part of efforts to discourage persons with disabilities (PWD)from begging on the street, the social welfare departments of Prestea Huni Valley Municipal Assembly have supported 49 persons with disabilities in its jurisdiction. On 31st May 2022, The items distributed encompassed five deep freezers, a fufu pounding machine (electric/Manuel), and an industrial? Knitting machine, five wheelchairs twenty crutches, and ten white canes and also four others received cash benefits to help improve their education whilst three others also received cash benefits to improve their health

Mr. Patrick Atubiga (head of the Social Welfare Department) when addressing the media, said some people are undergoing training to help them support their families. He added that there is some trainee who is under training in poultry farming, leather works, auto mechanic, and dressmaking. he added that they are five people who are undergoing this training. For someone to register is free, all they need to do is to come to the social welfare department and register. The assembly is going to support them in their NHIS registration and renew them for existing people with disability.

Speaking to the media Hon Isaac Dasmani said the municipal was doing well by discouraging people with disability from begging on the street. Hon Dasmani also entreated recipients to take good care of, what they got and advise them not to sell them. he added that the assembly will continue to train people with disability so as they learn a trade. He promised that the assembly will support them in registering and renewing NHIS cards.

Mr. Patrick Atubiga (Head of the social welfare department) addressing the media, said five of the beneficiaries are undergoing training to help support their family. He added that the area includes poultry farming, leather works, auto mechanic, and dressmaking.

He appealed to persons with disability who have not registered with the assembly to do as registration was free. The chairman of the association of disabled Mr. Patrick Obeng thanked the assembly for such support and assured its members that all their requests will be granted by the assembly, he also entreated all persons with disability within the municipality to register so that they will also be considered when another intervention comes

By Matilda Ansah

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