On the 10th June 2022, the Wassa Hemaah Foundation headed by Lawyer Barbara Oteng Gyasi who doubles as the Board Chairperson for the Minerals commission handed a school building at Aboso Brigade Camp to the Prestea Huni Valley Municipal Assembly during a commissioning ceremony. In attendance was the Municipal Education Director, formal education director ( Made Mary Vida Kwofie) Lawyer Mrs. Oteng Gyasi. Hon Isaac Dasmani and Nanamon.

Addressing the gathering the Municipal Director of Education Mr. Sebastian Akyeremah Diaw thanked the former Mp and Board Chairperson for the Mineral commission for renovating the old dilapidated edifice for the people of Aboso Brigade Camp. He stressed that this will reduce their suffering of trekking from Brigade Camp to Aboso to attend school. He entreated the community and the school authorities to maintain the building.

Talking to the audience the former member of Parliament and Chairperson of the Mineral Commission Hon. Lawyer Barabra Oteng Gyasi thanked the Headmaster of the school ( One Sir Isaac) for bringing to her attention the bad nature of the school. She added that his zeal prompted her to forgo her birthday party and invest in the school hence she awarded the contract to the contractor for them to kick start the project

She pledged that she will continue to help expand the school structure. She entreated the pupil to patronize the school than to trek to Aboso. She assured the people that Prestea Huni Valley will have one of the ultra-modern Technical and Vocational Schools promised by the government.

The Chief of Aboso said he will the people that he will make sure that the program runs smoothly and during his closing remarks he thanked the formal Mp and MCE for their work done for the people of Bridge end and added that The Akuffu Addo government-led administration has contributed to the development of the school in Ghana.

Hon. Isaac Dasmani (PhD) speaking to the audience thanked Lawyer Babara Oteng Gyasi and her Wassa Hemaa Foundation for such a kind gesture. He entreated parents to keep their eye on their children’s studies. He added that the activities of galamsey have brought down our children’s education. He implored the teachers to repair the building and also report any fault beyond their means to the Assembly for assistance.

By Matilda Ansah

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