The former President of Ghana His Excellency John Dramani Mahama on 16th August,2022 paid a working to Apiatse relief camp in Prestea Huni – Valley municipal assembly, to inspect things for himself. He was accompanied Western regional national democratic congress executive and some of the western regional member of parliament of the national democratic congress and some party supporters.

During his welcome address to former president and his entourage, the MCE for Prestea Huni Valley Municipal Assembly Hon. Dr. Isaac Dasmani thanked the formal president for this visit, since the incident happened on 20th January 2022 Ghanaians have showed their support to the Apiatse community.

Hon Dasmani briefed the former president about the number of people who were affected by the incident, hence saying that 498 people were affected by the incident in which we have six people who are in critical condition. During the incident some non-government organization help us to get tent for them to stay hence the rainfall pattern in this area future global resource helped to the these building which were supposed to be giving to Dumasi for their relocation was giving to them in mean time while the construction is going. He the formal president for coming.

The Kyeamepayin of Beppo traditional council, Kwabena Fori, speaking on behalf of Beppohene thanked the former president for coming to visit them and entreated them to help support to reinstate back the Apiatse community.

During his speech the member of parliament for Prestea Huni valley consistency Hon, Robert Wisdom Cudjoe welcome the president and his western regional national democratic congress member of parliament caucus for their visit, and thanked the brother of formal president for his support of providing 1000 bags of rice.

He spoked about the challenges they are facing as the local committee who carting for the people, he stated that lack of funds is their major problem as the committee. They no longer pay for the services of the bus which transport the children to and flow from schools and buying of hospital bailed, he also talked about the compensation that the maxam company should pay to the people of Apiatse community and pleaded with the formal president to help talked to the ndc people who are lawyers to get some insurance and compensations from the maxam company

When speaking at the gathering the former president of Ghana his excellency john Dramani mahama handed over a quantity of food and non-food (rice 500, Tomatoes (tin) 50boxes etc) to the Mp and the mce of Prestea huni valley, to be made available to the community. He also presented five thousand Ghana cedis to support the treatment of some of the injured victims.

In his address to the people, he echoed the concern of the affected community about compensation and urged the government to act proactively to ensure that the people are supported to bring their lives back on path. The people have appreciated the response and support from the government after the disaster but their continued livelihoods are important.

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