The Prestea Huni Valley Municipal Assembly held its third ordinary general assembly meeting on the 23rd of December 2021, at Bogoso assembly hall. In attendance was Hon. Isaac Dasmani (PhD) the Municipal Chief Executive for Prestea Huni Valley Assembly, Mr Emmanuel Gyan the Municipal Coordinating Director, Hon. Francis Asmah (PM) honourable members and heads of the Department.

Addressed the assembly,  Hon. Isaac Dasmani (PhD) talked about security, education, agriculture, completion of ongoing projects, and health care issues. Talking about security, Hon. Dasmani mentioned that from the beginning of the year 2021, the security situation in the municipal has been peaceful and calm. With this he made mention of an instance of the collapse of the illegal mining at Wassa Assikuma where out of 14 victims, 9 died instantly, five were also rushed to the hospital. He added that together with  Hon, Barbara Oteng Gyasi They paid a courtesy call on bereaved families and the site where the incident happened to get the actual information and to find ways to put a stop to such incidents in the future.

With education, he mentioned that the Ministry of Education organized a National Standardized test for all primary 4 pupils which were done on 17th of December 2021 across the whole nation. The test was to evaluate the learning outcomes of students in English and Mathematics. With Agriculture, the municipal edition of the 37th farmer’s day celebration was held at Damang R/c school park on 3/12/21 under the theme planting for foods and jobs consolidating food systems in Ghana. The Municipality awarded 23 categories of farmers with different awards items ranging from cutlasses, Wellington boots, insecticides and weedicides, fridges, tricycles, and a mini truck vehicle. He added that the Municipal farmer’s day celebration won the admiration of many MMDAs across the Western Region.

Dr Tasmania said the Municipal has completed so many projects within the municipality with other ongoing projects. He also made mentioned of new once to commence soon Such as sod cutting for the commence of a two-story office complex for education, health, and another important department,  procurement of a 4×4 pickup vehicle, supply, and installation of generator set all at Bogoso, He said a new excavator will be purchased for the assembly by the MDF secretariat. Talking to the Honorable members, Hon Dasmani reminded the assembly members to sensitize their community members as the Covid 19 pandemic s still with us and this time in a new form known as Omicron and is spreading very fast. He stated that December is declared Vaccination month by the government. He ended by saying that the vaccination is being done and available at various health centres across the country.

   The Municipal Chief Executive together with the Municipal Coordinating Director held a meeting with national service personnel in the Prestea- Huni Vally municipal assembly on 20th December 2021 at the assembly hall.

            Addressing the personnel Hon. Isaac Dasmani said national services help people to get trained, for him he was trained by someone and this has helped him to succeed in life. He urged them to avail themselves to be trained. He added that some of them may get recommendations and job opportunities if they put up good behaviour and remain punctual at work. They are here to serve the nation and Prestea Huni Valley municipal constituency as a whole. They can be called at any time to assist in other departments. He also added that they were here to learn so they should involve themselves in the activities of the assembly. Mr. Emmanuel Gyan (Municipal Coordinating Director) called on the national service personnel to be punctual to work, their dressing should be decent and formal. He also added that work starts at 8 am and closed at 5 pm. He advised them to Seek permission when they want to stay away from work and desist from roaming about when they had nothing doing. He asked them to follow the culture of the organization. Respect the authority and seek for what you do not understand

        Speaking to personnel, the municipal human resources manager. Madame Charlotte Essumang, Reminded the personnel of being in a working environment and must act maturely. She mentioned that they may face some challenges but that must not discourage them. She added that the personnel should be proactive and not depend solely on others to tell them what to do before they act. Lastly, she made mention that the person should follow the chain of command, report to the right person to get to his\her supervisor and that issue will be addressed

The educational directorate of Prestea Huni Valley Municipal Assembly on 15th and 16th December 2021 organized a two-day training workshop for headteachers and the School Management Committee (SMC) members of the Ghana Accountability Learning Outcome Project (GALOP) schools in the municipality. The workshop which aims at improving learning outcomes in the schools saw Eighty-nine (89) participating schools.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Samuel Osei, Head of Department in charge of Monitoring and Supervision, said a workshop was organized a week ago for the headteachers and circuit supervisors on how to form an SMC. The training was organized to train headteachers and SMC executive members to help promote the activities of the schools, he added.

Being the reason for organizing the program, the Community Participation for Sustainable Schools (COMPASS) sought to get the community to participate in the running of the schools. The project (COMPASS) can be found in three regions i.e Eastern, Volta, and Oti Regions of Ghana. Schools within these regions are part of the compass program.

Still addressing the media, Mr. Samuel Osei continued that 89 selected schools within the municipality will benefit from this project but before the implementers can commit to any financial investments, they must forward it to the government to support them with capitation and learning grants.

An election was conducted to elect the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Financial Secretary of the SMC from the general assembly, to help with accountability of the project finances. During the open address, Madam Mary Vida Kwofie, Director of Education for Prestea Huni Valley Assembly encouraged all the participants to fully participate in the workshop. She ended by saying that the SMC plays an essential role in ensuring that teaching and learning are done well for the production of quality results.

In outlining the main activities of the Ghana Accountability Learning Outcome Project (GALOP) for selected schools across the Municipality, she explained that the program aims to improve quality teaching and learning in every basic school which is a beneficiary, she encouraged the participants to contribute to the program in order make meaningful impacts upon returning to their respective schools.   

The Prestea Huin- Valley Municipal has hosted the Western Regional budget hearing organized by the Regional Coordinating Council. The districts which participated included Prestea Huni-Valley Municipal, Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipal, Wassa Amenfi West Municipal, Wassa Amenfi Central District, and Wassa Amenfi East Municipal.

The Municipal Chief Executive Dr. Isaac Dasmani in his welcome address to mark the opening ceremony of the budget hearing disclosed that the people of PHMA are hospitable, and hoped that they will enjoy their stay.

He added that the composite budget hearings are organized at the regional level for MMDAs to prevent their assembly budget to be finetuned before they are approved to be submitted to the ministry. However, he added that, due to the covid 19 pandemic and in an effort of bringing the budget hearing closer to the people, MMDAS have been grouped at one MMDA. This initiative will allow people at the district level to have a feel of the budget hearing.

He suggested the continuation of such initiative and if possible, to be rotated to other MMDAs. He was happy PHMA was hosting the program. He assured them of adequate preparation to make the program a success. He also assured them that the budget committee of PHMA together with relevant institutions has gone through the required process for preparing the budget.

The regional budget analyst said he was grateful to the assembly members, MMDCEs, chiefs, etc. for supporting the program. He said the budget is their document but they are only there to assess it to see if it is in line with the government’s policies. He urged them not to take anything personal but rather take note and work on it so that it goes through the various approval stages before it is submitted.

Mr. Stephen Kwabena Dankwa, the Municipal Budget Analyst for Prestea Hun- Valley Municipal presented the budget of the Prestea Huni- Valey Municipal on behalf of the Municipal Chief Executive.  

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