The Member of Parliament for Prestea Huni-valley Constituency and the Minister of Tourism Arts and Culture Lawyer Barbara Oteng- Gyasi has commissioned a one number Community-Based Health Planning and services (CHPS) compound with ancillary facilities at Atwereboanda in the Prestea Huni- Valley Municipality. The ultra-modern facility is made up of an OPD, delivery room, male and female ward, offices, washrooms mechanized borehole, staff quarter (two chambers and hall with kitchen and furniture, beds, washroom.

The legislator reiterated the government’s commitment to improving equity to access the basic needs of Ghanaians. She disclosed that it was due to that, the government introduced the one constituency one million dollars. It was out of this that lots of bridges in the constituency are being built, she said. lots of kindergartens (KG) blocks are also built and Lots of communities that do not have water are and will benefit from such funds, she added.

The MP was happy that one of the needs of Atwereboanda and its environs have been fulfilled. she hinted that their request for a telecommunication network will soon be fulfilled. She added that their roads have also been sent for approval to be considered among the cocoa roads.

She solicited for their votes to help her and the NPP government to continue their good work. She tasked them to consider how well the president handled the coronavirus case, his plans for farmers such as an increased in cocoa prices, pollination, pruning, and subsidized fertilizers.

 The Municipal Chief Executive of the Prestea Huni- Valley Municipality Dr. Isaac Dasmani on his part thanked all the technocrats who worked hard in establishing the nice edifice. She promised to follow up to ensure the sustainability of the building. And to do this he pleaded for one more term in office by voting the member of parliament and the Akuffo Addo government into power.

By: Matilda Ansah

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