On 24th November 2021 Prestea – Huni Valley Municipal Assembly held a town hall meeting at Bogoso St. Michael Catholic church, in attendance was Hon. Isaac Dasmani (Ph.D.), heads of departments, assembly members, unit committee members, Nananom, the media, and the general public. Hon Dasmani took the public through the projects and activities that were carried out by the assembly during his one-year term in office

Speaking to the audience, Hon Dasmani talked about projects in the municipality such as the Magistrate court in Himan which was ongoing and his residence of the magistrate was 90% completed, renovation of the assembly, and its guest house. Construction of 2-unit cell at Aboso police station. On social development, the assembly was able to complete two classroom blocks with the staff common room, headmaster’s office, etc at Damang and Dwabeng. The assembly was able to complete 2 story I.C.T centers at M/A Bogoso construction, 2unit KG block at Obengkrom, construction of 3-unit classroom block and 6-unit classroom block with headmaster’s office at Bogoso and Ayensukrom No1 respectively. The assembly is constructing some projects in the various area in municipality, still on education 100 students benefited from girls in I.C.T training and the assembly supported 52 students financially.

         On health, when speaking to the audience, Hon Isaac Dasmani (Ph.D.) said Bogoso polyclinic was about 90% complete, complete of chips compound with nurse quarters, etc. at Atwereboanda, Bogoso maternity block is completed at Bogoso health center. On-going works on the construction o of the CHPS compound at Beppoh – Ekyereso with 2-unit staff quarters etc and chip compound at Yawkrom currently under construction. The assembly was able to supply medical equipment to some health centers. Still, on health, the assembly was able to construct toilet facilities under the PPP initiative at Prestea, Aboso, and Bogoso. The assemble was able to construct 8 seaters toilet facilities with born hole & 3 unite urinal at Methodist school at Bogoso. The assembly was able to support 156 persons with disabilities.

         On roads and economic development, Bogoso/Kokoase bypass is under construction, also the construction of box culvert at Abotreye – Takyimantia –Fantekrom and Baakoyemobo road Ayensukrom no. 1 construction of Huni-Valley new market which is story building, and Bogoso market is under construction (under PPP) completion of Huni Valley oil palm and gari processing factories, several projects are going on in the municipality. The assembly through the government was able to train 442 people into Nabco, currently, 245 people are left also the assembly was able to supply 3,658 fertilizers to the farmers underplanting for food and jobs. In 2022 the assembly is looking forward to completing the existing project and starting new ones.

This town hall meeting gave the divisional chiefs and elders, assembly members, and members of the general public who were present the opportunity to ask a question concerning their towns and places. A question such as roads, sanitation, education, jobs, security, etc was raised but was comfortably handled by the MCE. He told the audience his plan to shape and reshape all the deplorable states of the road within his municipality with a new grader.

The divisional chiefs who were at the present commended the MCE for the encounter. They pledge unflinching support to the MCE and the Municipal Assembly.

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