The Municipal Chief Executive together with the Municipal Coordinating Director held a meeting with national service personnel in the Prestea- Huni Vally municipal assembly on 20th December 2021 at the assembly hall.

            Addressing the personnel Hon. Isaac Dasmani said national services help people to get trained, for him he was trained by someone and this has helped him to succeed in life. He urged them to avail themselves to be trained. He added that some of them may get recommendations and job opportunities if they put up good behaviour and remain punctual at work. They are here to serve the nation and Prestea Huni Valley municipal constituency as a whole. They can be called at any time to assist in other departments. He also added that they were here to learn so they should involve themselves in the activities of the assembly. Mr. Emmanuel Gyan (Municipal Coordinating Director) called on the national service personnel to be punctual to work, their dressing should be decent and formal. He also added that work starts at 8 am and closed at 5 pm. He advised them to Seek permission when they want to stay away from work and desist from roaming about when they had nothing doing. He asked them to follow the culture of the organization. Respect the authority and seek for what you do not understand

        Speaking to personnel, the municipal human resources manager. Madame Charlotte Essumang, Reminded the personnel of being in a working environment and must act maturely. She mentioned that they may face some challenges but that must not discourage them. She added that the personnel should be proactive and not depend solely on others to tell them what to do before they act. Lastly, she made mention that the person should follow the chain of command, report to the right person to get to his\her supervisor and that issue will be addressed

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