The planning and works department together with the information service department went on air on 7th February at Oy33man Fm located at Aboso and Energy Fm located at Prestea to educate the public about Development control on building permits of temporal and permanent structures.

From the citizens of Aboso and Prestea gives clear evidence that most of them are too ignorant of a building permits and therefore more education. Again some too were that they mostly do not come to the office for their permits because the office is far and when they bring their permit letters too it delays, therefore, they cannot waste their resources to travel this far with no results.

They again went for an inspection to see the various structures that are both temporary and permanent to check whether they have substructsubstructuresm notices if they do not have one. Upon checked ups, they realized that most citizens of Aboso do not have permits and so they urge all to stop work immediately and produce permits before they continue their

Therefore the Nobel leaders of the municipal thought it all wise and allocated some members of the planning and works department to work with the citizens of Aboso and Prestea for a smooth running of education and guide them with their permit-related issues.

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