The Prestea Huni-Valley Municipal Chief executive, Hon. Isaac Dasmani(PhD) together with his noble followers taught it all wise to know about the thought of the market women in Prestea and to seek solution to their problems.

Hon. therefore engaged with the market women openly and the following were the discussions that want between them. The market women complained about a choked gutter at the market place, lack of a security guide, the work of zoom lion, according to them the zoom lions do not complete their work and therefore living them with no excuse than to organize a communal labor and do it themselves whilst they still pay tax for that to be solved out. They again made complains about being distracted by the Domestic animals of some natives which make it very difficult for them to sell in peace.

With all these issues been said, Hon. Assure them that he will do everything in his power to provide them their comfort and also informed them on the solution that are under way.

Hon. Isaac Dasmani (PhD) finally urge them to cope as there are good things ahead to be delivered.

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