On Tuesday 8th June 2021, Prestea Huni Valley Municipal Assembly launched a tree planting exercise at the Municipal Assembly hall. The move was a result of His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo’s initiative to plant five million seedlings nationwide.

Stating the purpose of gathering, the forestry manager, Vincent Appiah said about two months ago the President of the nation, His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo in his wisdom initiated the program which was instigated by the Forestry Commission which is the planting of trees. He added that the Forestry Commission is to plant 1000 seedlings and the stakeholders chose the church, mosque, etc. With this, he said everyone is involved in this special exercise. He went further to explain the importance of trees. He said the trees help protect the water bodies, helps us in getting good air for breathing, etc. He urged everyone to help take good care of the trees when they are planted and if anyone has land that can help in planting trees, he or she can contact them for seedlings to plant as the adage goes, if the last tree dies, the last man dies too.

Dr. Isaac Dasmani, the Municipal chief executive for Prestea Huni Valley Municipal Assembly giving his solidarity message made mention that the exercise is initiated by the government to protect the trees and to plant more trees. He said the importance of trees should not be underestimated.  Due to the resources that we have, the Municipal is supposed to be the forest and the vegetative part of the country but our forest is under a serious threat, he added. He mentioned that trees that are being destroyed are over 100 and 500 years old and the rate at which they are being destroyed, if measures are not taken to replace them very soon there will be a serious problem in the country. Dasmani urged the forestry to protect the forest because they have been given the right. He said the forest has become open access because access everybody has access to the forest like the large-scale miners, small scale miners, etc. He added that once the forest is destroyed then we are also destroying our natural resources. We have destroyed a lot of trees so we must replant them. He urged everyone to try and at least plant five trees during this three to five days’ exercise. He concluded that as we are planting new trees we must take good care of them and be committed to the exercise.

Nana Akwesi Sompre II the chief of Bogoso cocoa division in his solidarity message said, tree planting is the least of his problem but rather blames the Forestry Commission on their ignorance, allowing the large scale miners to penetrate the forest, collect gold and destroy the trees. Tourist countries like Kanye, Rwanda, South Africa, etc are gaining a lot due to how protective they are with animals in the forest unlike here in Ghana, he added. He urged the government to put measures in place by replanting the trees destroyed by the miners in the forest. He then added that trees like Mahogany and Sapele are good for roofing but these days we are not getting this kind of tree due to how the trees have been destroyed by the foreign miners. Nana concluded by urging all large-scale miners, small-scale miners, etc to refill their potholes and replant the trees destroyed so that our great-grandchildren could benefit and see our green forestry.

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