The national commission for civic education organized a quiz for fifteen civic class schools in the Bogoso enclave, it was started on 21st March 2022. The final saw four schools from Bogoso and Petepom participated in the final which was held on 1st April 2022 at the assembly hall of Prestea Huni Valley Municipal Assembly, at 10 am.

Make a speech at the occasion Hon. Dr. Isaac Dasmani encourages the student and the contestant to learn from the civic education quiz and entreats those who are not part of the quiz to take chance and answer the question the contestant may not have an idea about and encourage the participants to pay attention to the question and answer them correctly. Hon. Dasmani promised to surprise the school who will win the quiz.

To give a talk at the gathering, Mr. Justice Yaw Annin (Western Regional NCCE Director) said he was privileged to be here for the maiden edition of the Civic class quiz. He added he was very grateful for MCE supporting them and entreats the students to learn the Constitution of Ghana because is the supreme law of the land. Mr. Justice Yaw Annin added that he entreats the students to learn the constitution because it is not meant for only lawyers, we should all get involved so that soon the constitution will be at our fingertips. He added even a member of parliament can not even know some part of the constitution, he also entreats the pupil to know something about their culture and chieftaincy. Because is in the constitution he entreats everybody to learn the constitution.

At end of the quiz Petepom, M/A School won the contest by acquiring 37point and their items included constitution 3, bag 3 books 60 board mark 4 with 3 gold medals, the second-place school won 2constitution 3bags 2boardmarkers 45books 3medals, the third-place won 1constitution 3bags 35books 3medals 1boardmarker and fourth place school won 1contitution 20books 3bags and 1boardmarker. Hon, Isaac Dasmani gave Ghana cedis to each school that participated in the final.

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