The Human Resource Department of the Prestea Huni – Valley Municipal Assembly has organized a two-days’ workshop for the staff of the Assembly. The workshop took place on 5th to 6th September, 2022. In attendance at the workshop was the Municipal Chief Executive, The Municipal Coordinating Director, Heads of Department of the Assembly and Regional Human Resource Manager Michael D. Abayetey.

During the opening address, the Municipal Chief Executives of Prestea Huni Valley Assembly. Dr. Isaac Dasmani entreated the staffs to use the right channel to complain about a staff, he also advise them to take the workshop seriously. He added that by the close of the workshop they will be able to do their appraiser well without any problem and advise them to read their code of conduct.

During the presentation Mr. Michael D. Abayeteye the Regional Human Resource Manager took them the participants through the local government service delivery standard, code of conduct, scheme of service and performance contract. Mr. Abayeteye said that the local governance strategy established local government service, which include the office of the local government, staffs at the RCCs and MMDAs. He added that to have a better service delivery standard, there is the need to ensure the delivery quality of services that responds to the needs of the citizenry. He also added that as a local government worker they shouldn’t do things which will jeopardized the image of the Assembly in which they are working for.

Mr. Abayeteye entreated those in the service to ensure professionalism, transparency and accountability in their daily activities. He also talked about client oriented service. He said they should prioritize and consistently develop affordable and accessible services in a timely manner to their client.

In his closing remarks, the Municipal Coordinating Director. Mr. Emmanuel Gyan thanked the participants for comporting themselves throughout the workshop. He advised them to read the code of conduct of local government and to also fill their appraisal form well and on time as they have had a training. He also added that any incomplete appraiser will not be signed.

Again he added that promotion is not their right but privileged for them so they should put up a good behavior.

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