According to section 12 of the Local Governance Act 2016, Act 936, the Assembly is responsible for the initiation of programs for the development of basic infrastructure and provision of municipal works and services in the Municipality, the overall development of the Municipality including the promotion and supporting productive activities and Social development in the Municipality. Over five hundred citizens participated.

To this effect, the Prestea Huni-Valley Municipal Assembly organized a town hall meeting on Wednesday 15th of February, 2023 at Himan Community center to address issues of the municipality and the things that the Assembly has accomplished for the members of the municipality. The town hall meeting focused on showcasing to the people projects of the Municipal Assembly, the Government of Ghana, and other community-assisted projects from 2021 to date and what constituents should look out for in
the year 2023. The engagement saw Nananom, the Council of elders and other development partners gathered at the community center.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Isaac Dasmani(PhD) accounts to the people on the activities and projects of 2021 and 2022 through a PowerPoint presentation, the work done so far and the ones that are under construction of which many of them are under various stages of completion at all the
numerous towns and villages across the length and breadth of the Municipality. Hon. urge members to make good use of completed facilities and told everyone to stay calm as they are more plans in the pipeline about good projects that will become communicated to them in due time.

The MCE concluded by saying the Assembly is determined to work in the best interest of the citizens and therefore invited all stakeholders to join him and his team to move Prestea Huni-valley Municipal Assembly to the promised land. “You have a right to accountability and transparency from us, that is why we are here, but you should not forget that you also have a responsibility and duty to honor your obligations as responsible and patriotic citizens by paying your levies and ensuring that we have kept a
good and well-kept environment in our communities. Our doors are widely opened to receive your concerns and suggestions”, he ended.

Key among such projects typically in Himan included: Himan town roads, ongoing construction of a new bridge connecting Himan to Ankobra, ongoing construction of a new circuit court building and judge’s

bungalow at both Bogoso and Prestea, ICT lab at Bogoso with robotics, Insu siding CHPS compound, classroom blocks among many others.

A presentation on the Right to Information Act was done by Mr. Collins Ransford Abam the Assistant information officer in charge of the RTI ACT, he address the people on what is meant by RTI ACT 989, the importance of RTI, and the procedures to be followed towards getting information in the various organizations under government and some relevant private institutions. He ended by making a clarion call on the citizens to make good use of this Act to help exercise their fundamental freedoms and also
urge them to visit the information services department office for feather explanations of the Act.

Forums were then given to members to view their thoughts on the topics and the following views and
thoughts were shared:

  1. Division of Prestea into sub-municipality
  2. What are they doing on the Prestea roads.
  3. Market condition
  4. requests for new classroom building to help in effective learning.
  5. NHIS office in Prestea
  6. pleading for the MCE
  7. Benefits of private schools in Prestea
  8. Water conditions
  9. measures to put in place on the waste dam
  10. Firms for their football field
    And many others were the thoughts of the members of the municipality.

The Himan Chief Nana (IV) also encourages the Municipal Chief Executive and his members to keep on their good words and urge them to bring more facilities in the schools that is both basics, high schools, vocational schools, and others. Nana finally spoke to all members to make good use of the facilities.

Other dignitaries onboard were; Constituency Executives of the ruling Party, Representatives from Sankofa Gold Ltd, Members from the Opposition Party, etc.

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