The local government ACT 2016 (ACT 936) among others, provide technical assistance and direction to District Assemblies to enable them to effectively perform their functions and discharge their duties, in accordance with this, the Management team and stakeholders of Prestea Huni-valley Municipal Assembly, embarked on two (2) days monitoring and site meeting on the construction of DACF, MDF, IGF, and DDF projects in the Municipality that are at various stages of completion to help keep close eye on the entire project management life cycle and ensuring project activities are on the right track and also to enforce contractors to speed up their work and handover the projects to the authority on time.

The first day of the exercise started on Wednesday, 10th May, 2023, where the team visited, the construction of 1no. CHIPS Compound, 2-Unit Staff Quarters and Mechanized Borehole with furniture at Yawkrom.

Construction of 1No. 2-unit K.G Block, storeroom, kitchenette,4-seater toilet with Mechanized borehole, staff common room, washrooms, Headmasters office with furniture at Obengkrom.

Construction of 1NO. 3-unit classroom block, library, staff common room, headmaster’s office and storeroom with furniture for RC lower primary school at Bogoso.

Construction of 1no. 2-storey office complex for Education, Health and other Departments at Bogoso. The team as well visited the Bogoso/Kokoase By pass Road and other facilities.

Day two (2) of the monitoring and site meeting took the team to the following communities and project sites on Friday 12th May 2023.

Construction of 1NO. Health Facility, 2-unit apartments staff nurses’ quarters and Mechanized Borehole with furniture and lightning projects at Bondaye.

Construction of 1NO. 6-unit classroom block with Ancillary facilities at Broni-Nkwanta.

Construction of 1NO. 2-Unit classroom block with Mechanized borehole, staff common room, Washrooms, store, Headmasters office at Bandaho.

Construction of 1NO. 2-Unit Teaching staff Quarters at Bandaho.

Construction of ENT room, Consulting rooms and offices as first floor and development of the ground for Prestea Government Hospital at Prestea among other facilities.

The team emphasized on the following check list, such as;

  • Site Inspection.
  • Progress Report/Report by contractors; work plan, stage of work, materials on site,
  • artisans/ labour availability on site, design (understanding), weather condition,
  • occupational health and safety measures/ theft issues, payment issues, signboard, site
  • instruction and visitors book availability, site management, comments on progress,
  • overall percentage of progress.
  • Quality of works; various tests, finishing programme.
  • Challenges/ complaints and solutions.
  • Next site meeting.

After careful study, collecting and analyzing data gathered from the project site, the team observed that some of the contractors were doing an amazing work and were encouraged to continue with the good work, and on the other hand some were also performing abysmally and were equally advised to put in more effort and energy to achieve a good outcome in order to
prevent the termination of their contracts.

The next site meeting was scheduled on 15 th June, 2023.

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