On Friday 30th June, 2023 the National Youth Authority in collaboration with Center for National Culture organized a sensitization program at Bompieso to help educate the youth on causes and negative effects of Teenage pregnancy and Drug and substance abuse with an effort to change the recent trends of bad practices among the youthful age in our communities.

Teenage pregnancy and substance abuse are major causes of development related challenges that denies the youthful population in the country from realizing their growth and impact in their families as well as their relevant in the communities. To respond to the causes and effects of teenage pregnancy and Drug abuse, programs, projects, policies, laws and plans have been implemented by different stakeholders; both public, private and civil society actors of which the National Youth Authority is a proud advocacy of such situations.

Three schools were combine namely, Trust pep school, Rams pep school and Bompieso M/A, the program started with nice drama from the students of Bompieso M/A, the drama was done to explain vividly the negative effects of Teenage and Drug abuse to the gathering which was well plan and properly exhibited to the audience by the students. afterwards a health professional was invited to address the gathering on the causes and negative effects of Teenage pregnancy and Drug abuse to the youth.

Speaking to the gathering, Madam Eunice Gyamfuah Akomanin the health personnel said Incidences of teenage pregnancies and drug abuse are triggered by factors such as social and cultural attributes, weakness in enforcement of existing policies and laws by those in authority, effects of poverty, economic constraints, lack of responsibility from those entrusted to ensure safety of teenagers, and peer influence. The risk factors in many occasions have led to school dropout, attracting of sexually transmitted diseases, early marriages, stigma and discrimination against adolescent pregnant girls, and difficulties in accessing reproductive health services; loss of one’s brain, with youth from poor backgrounds affected most. therefore, the youth especially the school going age must be very careful not indulge into such behavior, she again advices them to study hard and be careful of bad friends.

There was an open forum that allowed the students and other participants to voice out their concerns and ask questions that baffles their mind, notable among the questions were;

1: Is there any negative effects of family Planning after its practice?

2: In case the students don’t have the means to take care of herself, what she the person do in order not to engage in sexually activities for money?

3: What should one do if the parents force them to engage themselves and bring something home to reduce hardship on them?4: Is it true that drugs can help you to be good academically?

the health officer and the authorities took their time to answer the questions explain clearly to them the dos and don’ts of a student and a decent youth. 

Mr. Justice Frimpong the chairman of Huni-valley Youth Development Association and Mrs. Maria Acquah Mensah the Director of National Youth Authority for Prestea Huni-Valley Municipal Assembly took the opportunity to advice the kids to do away with things that can destroy their future and also abstain from bad group influence and also advised the parents and the teachers to keep their eye on the kids and help prevent them from involving themselves in any attitude and behavior which unaccepted in the society.

In attendance were, Mrs. Maria Acquah Mensah Director National Youth Authority, Chairman of Huni-valley Youth Development Association, Teachers, parents and students within Bompieso, Staff from Center for National Culture, Staff from Information Services Department (PHMA), Unit Committee members and other Youth groups.

FINANCIAL ENCUMRANCE: There was no money obtained as financial assistance for the month under review.

ECONOMY: The common prices of merchandises persist the same as previous month but anxieties are in elevation ensuing the disappointment of drivers to fulfilled with the 10%

ECONOMY: The common prices of merchandises persist the same as previous month but anxieties are in elevation ensuing the disappointment of drivers to fulfilled with the 10% reduction of transport fares by the driving unions. The citizenry is yarning for lessening in prices and still impugning the government for the recent adjustment in fuel prices and Cedi (₵) to Dollar ($)

CHALLENGES: Insufficient apparatus at the office has been the major awkward, the office at this time do not have Printer, Public Addressing Equipment, Furniture, Camera, Information Van etc. It would be a prodigious liberation if the office is provided with the above mention equipment, either by the Department or the Municipal Assembly.

WEATHER: The weatherwas very hot although there has been a lot of rainfall during the month under review.

ADMINISTRATION: The office presently has two working staff;

  1. Miss Matilda Ansah (SIO)
  2. Mr. Collins Ransford Abam (AIO) in charge of RTI

The office still wants a commentator, senior information Assistance, junior information Assistance, Secretary, Journalist, and a driver to empower the office function meritoriously in handling the municipality.

ROAD AND TRANSPORT: The motor grader is working on the various roads and therefore transport services are running smoothly as some of the roads are functioning as it supposes, and the assembly is still working hard to make sure all the roads in the municipality function effectively for easily production of goods and services.

FLOW OF INFORMATION:  The office sensitized and educated the public on Right to Information ACT, Development Control, Road and Transport, Revenue Mobilisation (Property rate, E-Tankas, Business Operating Permit, Temporal Structural Permit and Mining Tax Force) etc.

INFORMATION OFFICER: The municipal Assembly continues to include the information officers in its doings.

CONCLUSION: The Office immediately needs a Van and other resources help to manage the affairs of the department.

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