The Prestea Huni-Valley Municipal Assembly through the able leadership of the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) Hon. Isaac Dasmani PhD, is dynamically promoting the development of persons with disabilities through the interventions of the 3% Common Fund. The Assembly has today 26 July, 2023 presented business start-up working tools, equipment and physical cash to Twenty Two (22) Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) within the Municipality towards their socioeconomic empowerment.

Twelve (12) of the beneficiaries were provided with working tools and equipment and ten (10) of them were supported with cash. This comprised twelve (12) females and ten (10) males. The PWDs were made up of physically challenged, hearing impaired, visually impaired, cerebral palsy, down syndrome intellectually impaired etc. The items presented included Six (6) deep freezers, three (3) wheel chairs, two (2) industrial sawing machines, one (1) normal sawing machine, Eight (8) clutches, ten (10) white
canes and physical cash amounting to thousands of Ghana cedis.

The ceremony was graced by the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Hon. Isaac Dasmani PhD, Municipal Coordinating Director (MCD), Mr. Emmanuel Gyan and the president for Federation of Disability Association for Prestea Huni-Valley Municipal Assembly Mr. Patrick Obeng.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Isaac Dasmani PhD communicated to the beneficiaries that, it was his zealous hope that the working tools and equipment presented would be prudently used for the right purpose so that beneficiaries would become financially independent, look after their households, contribute their quota to the socio-economic development of their communities and consequently become fully integrated into mainstream development.

Hon. Dasmani assured the beneficiaries that the 3% of the Common Fund apportioned to address the various needs of PWDs, notably; awareness creation, health, education, establishing them into businesses of their choice and their integration into mainstream development among others would be used for that purpose. He chided the PWDs to cease going onto the street to beg for money. He also notified them not to vend the items but rather take advantage of the gesticulation by the government to enhance their livelihood.

Mr. Patrick Obeng, on behalf of the beneficiaries, thanked the government, the Municipal Chief Executive and the Assembly for the equipment. He promised that, they would use the working tools and the equipment for the intended purpose. He warned his members to cease going onto the street to beg for money. He also cautioned them not to sell the items but rather take advantage of the gesture by the government to improve their living.

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